Credit for soldiers


In a loan for soldiers, the conditions differ between conscripts, time guards and professional soldiers. What they all have in common is that the bank, as an employer, awards an employer loan exclusively for the purpose of starting a family. Service law does not preclude borrowing by a soldier. Since almost all soldiers are secrets, the employer demands that they live in decent financial circumstances. A credit to serve is not contrary to this obligation. However, the installments payable must be in reasonable proportion to the salary of the soldier.

This requirement basically applies to every borrower. A violation, however, can lead to serious professional consequences for members of the another special feature when granting loans to a soldier is that many financial institutions mandate the conclusion of a rate protection insurance.

This is understandable in view of the high risk, particularly in foreign missions, even if the pays high compensation for wounds or death on duty.

Loans for time and professional soldiers

Loans for time and professional soldiers

Time guards and professional soldiers are in many ways equal to civil servants. This also applies to the lending, so that they can basically obtain a civil service loan. However, with regard to time depositors, it should be noted that most financial institutions will only disburse loans if their term does not exceed the current commitment period.

This is understandable, after all, the income of the soldier is only secured until the end of his service. However, he also receives redundancy allowance as well as vocational assistance, so that individual banks can also hand out time credits to creditors with a term beyond the active service period. Professional soldiers, on the other hand, are welcome customers in almost all banks, especially since they are entitled to an attractive pension after the end of the service.

Last but not least, the advantages of sold-to-consumer loans over traditional consumer loans are that they can be extended over a period of seven to ten years and, consequently, higher amounts.

Even a soft credit bureau negative feature does not exclude lending to professional soldiers because of their secure job at many banks. In addition, the loan interest payable on civil servants’ loans for temporary and professional soldiers is extremely low thanks to the high level of collateral provided by the secure employment relationship.

Loans for conscripts

Loans for conscripts

For conscripts, borrowing is much more difficult than for time and professional soldiers. While they receive reliable during their service, their pay and then another payment from the bank. However, their commitment usually ends before the end of the desired repayment term so that they do not have a secured income until full repayment of the loan.

Conscripts increase their credit chances with a bank, if they win a parent as a co-borrower. Easier than a installment loan, they receive a discretionary loan, since for this regular non-cash cash receipts on the current account are required and the pays the defense money by bank transfer.

A concern with the regular use of the disposition credit by a military soldier, however, is the high borrowing rate, which he has to pay for this. For purchases, conscripts can easily apply for a partial payment in the business, especially since many traders waive the demand for the employer and the presentation of a proof of income except for high purchase amounts.

Another option for taking out a loan as a military service provider is to provide money transfer platforms between individuals. The evaluation of the activity as a soldier falls on these as unevenly as in the entire society.

Some of the members registered as lenders generally reject requests from personnel, while others consciously support soldiers for social reasons. Usually, conscripts find a private lender when they carefully describe the intended use of the loan requested and fully explain their financial position.

5 Tips on Credit for Soldiers

5 Tips on Credit for Soldiers

1. Service time note

For the award of a soldier’s credit, the service is the deciding factor. Who provides only his basic military service of 6 months, will receive from the banks usually no credit, because here is the risk too big that after the military service, the income fails. This also applies to soldiers who are about to terminate their employment relationship, whereby here usually a subsequent employer must be proven.

Who is active as a time or professional soldier, will usually come to enjoy a civil service loan. However, it should be clarified whether as a time soldier a life insurance policy over the entire term is sufficient to provide even after leaving the service sufficient collateral.

2. Notify places of use

Many banks see the greatest danger to a soldier being that he is killed in the exercise of his service. To this end, the interested party should provide an overview of his future places of work – if known and approved for publication – to the lender. If in the long run only the internal service is desired, this measure can also be omitted.

In case of increased risk, a prospective buyer should in any case take out insurance or already have one. In some cases it may be worthwhile discussing the borrowing with the employer. If the requested sum can be justified here, the assumption of the debt can also be made by the state should a death occur.

3. Agree exactly on the repayment terms

There are several options for repaying a soldier’s loan. For a lower salary grade, it is best to use the usual installment. This keeps the financial burden low. At higher salaries, for example as an officer, the loan can also be made final. It should definitely be talked about the possibility of a pure civil service loan, because this allows to carry out the repayment in full on a closed life insurance.

At the end of the term it will be paid to the bank and liquidated. This method can also be combined with installment payments, which can be particularly low rates.

4. The documents must be available

In any case, the service certificate of the must be present, which confirms that the person is in the soldier relationship. It also indicates whether it is a time soldier or a professional soldier. In addition, the medical certificate must be submitted to the, which certifies the suitability for service, so that premature termination of the military career is not in the room.

Evidence of the grade should also be attached in copy when the credit is requested for soldiers. Ultimately, the obligatory documents such as identity card or passport still have to be submitted. In many cases, the ID card is sufficient to confirm the identity.

5th tip to credit bureau

Unlike private individuals, the credit bureau information plays only a minor role in a professional or temporary soldier. If there are entries from the time before the soldier’s life, the banks usually turn a blind eye. However, it has to be proven here that employment with the german forces is indefinite or extends over such a long period of time – this is important for time soldiers – that the loan repayment is not jeopardized.

In addition, a request should be made to the credit bureau for the loan for soldiers, if any already settled claims can be deleted prematurely. However, this is usually only possible with the consent of the former creditor, so that should be turned to this.

Anyone who does not pay the loan taken may face a severe penalty!

Retail loan portfolio reached HUF 130 billion in 2018!

Banks are increasingly impatient with debtors.

Well-paying debtors strive to repay the debt as soon as possible.

  • In 2018, domestic credit institutions sold 129 billion worth of overdue retail loans for a total of HUF 52 billion.
  • In 2017, banks sold less than HUF 205.2 billion of non-performing loans.
  • The peak year was 2016, when credit institutions were freed of HUF 425.7 billion. Then the MNB allowed the banks to give them another chance to repay the loan, if not, they could terminate the contracts.

In 2018, most of the loans from home and freelance mortgages went to debt managers. Debt collectors went for $ 35 billion in home loans and $ 58 billion in freelance mortgages.

Act quickly against non-paying freelance and auto-authentic customers


Strict recovery!

Large-scale reviews over the years have also resulted in a fall in the rate of household loans over 90 days to 4.5%. This value dropped from 19% to the current percentage. Even those who pay off with relief are paying more and more discipline!

In 2014, half of the loans fell, while last year only a quarter of the renegotiated loans became overdue for 90 days.

Households’ loan sales to debt managers (HUF billion)

The improvement in housing loans is particularly significant.

The proportion of market loans overdue for more than 90 days

  • In 2015, before the big “portfolio cleanup”, it was 15%
  • currently 2.4%.
  • In the case of overdraft mortgages, the same ratio dropped from 32% to 11.37%.

More and more people are counting on good debtors, and the amount of prepayments and early repayments is increasing, reaching HUF 400 billion last year.

Prepayments can be used for home savings funds or other savings

Prepayments can be used for home savings funds or other savings


Free Mortgage Loans Are Repaid At The Fastest Rate! More than one third of capital repayments were prepayments.

Early repayments and early repayments may continue to increase this year as former foreign currency lenders can begin to redeem their forint-denominated loans four years ago in a jointly agreed program between the MNB and the Hungarian Banking Association. They have an interest period of 3 months, according to the MNB, and if they were swapped for a more fixed rate, more predictable arrangement, the loan would become more secure.

Lending is very strong and new loans are always considered to be performing. Of the new disbursements, 882 billion were mortgages for residential or non-residential use, of which subsidized ones accounted for 64 billion.

State-subsidized housing loans are currently being used for new housing besides the Family Home Creation Benefit (CSOK), and the interest rates on subsidized loans for second-hand housing are at market rates.

The number of loans taken out with subsidies will increase!

2019 will be the year of subsidized loans!

2019 will be the year of subsidized loans!

Because families will also be able to take advantage of subsidized loans to buy used homes, which they cannot compete with in the market!

  • two children up to 10 million,
  • a loan of up to $ 15 million in state subsidized interest for three or more children.

The interest on these loans will remain at 3% until the end of the maximum term of 25 years.

Personal loans are also on the rise, with new disbursements amounting to HUF 435 billion in 2018, with credit institutions putting out nearly 70% of the credit outstanding on the market last year.

Car loan portfolios are also relatively new, amounting to HUF 85 billion last year, which is half of the total loan portfolio.

There are still many who are defaulting on old car loans, and over 90 days car loans are still over 17%.

If you have a housing goal, would like to take out a home loan, are interested in your options, or may have been interested in the new CSOK changes, are interested in the future details of your new family action plan, call our credit brokerage experts

Borrow with low interest rates.

This bank was established in 1857 in Spain. This bank has been based in Utrecht since 2009 and is called Bankate Consumer Finance in the Netherlands. The bank focuses primarily on consumer loans.

What loans does this bank offer?

What loans does this bank offer?

You can request a personal loan from this bank as well as a revolving credit. With the personal loan you receive the requested amount on your account for a fixed term and with a fixed interest rate. The age category on which this loan can be applied for is between 18 and 65 years. A test is done at the BKR in Tiel. A penalty will be charged for early repayment. The money is deposited into your own account. With a revolving credit you can withdraw (extra) money in times when it suits you. The interest rate as well as the term are variable with this type of loan. The age at which you can apply for a loan form with credit is between 18 and 73 years. As with the personal loan form, this loan with credit also has a review with the BKR. With this form of borrowing you can repay early without penalty. The payment card that is linked to this loan can be used worldwide. Do you want to use a loan from this bank to renovate your home? Then the interest on that loan is tax deductible.

Why can you borrow cheaper at this bank?

Why can you borrow cheaper at this bank?

You generally borrow more cheaply at Bankate bank (due to low interest rates) than at other (large) banks. This is because it is a reputable bank, with an experience with which it has proven (from 1992) to be a reliable credit partner. Request a quote from different banks and compare it with a quote from Bankate. In this way you can check yourself whether it is indeed cheaper for you to apply for a loan from this bank. In addition to saving on loans, there are several other ways to save money. Do you want to know in which ways you can save even more money? Then take a look at geldmax on this link.

Risks of borrowing money?

Risks of borrowing money?

Bankate loan, is a reliable way of borrowing. At Banco Bankate you can borrow money online. You easily create an account so that you can log in. That way you get a personal bank statement. Borrowing money puts you at risk. What are the risks? The biggest risk you run is to build up debt. You may first have difficulty with the repayment, usually because you have borrowed too large an amount. Therefore, make sure that you apply for a loan within the repayment options. Do not engage in fraudulent lenders. Compare offers from different donors in advance with each other. Did you end up in debt due to a high repayment? Read here what you can do yourself. It is important that you get a good picture of your finances.

Borrow money?

Everyone knows situations in which you have to borrow money. For example for a new car, a renovation, relocation or other circumstances. The best thing is to make your financial picture clear in advance. Be aware of the risks you take when borrowing money. Be well informed in advance. If necessary, hire a financial adviser. He or she should tell you in advance what that advice will cost you. You can borrow money wisely by avoiding major risks. Saving is of course better than borrowing. Unfortunately, there are enough situations that prevent you from saving. When applying for the loan, note the current interest rate. This depends on your loan amount, loan form and bank. To apply for a loan you must of course have an income. You must be able to prove that you are capable of paying off the loan. In addition, it is checked whether you are not registered as a defaulter at the BKR in Tiel. Be wise and always check in advance if you can pay the monthly repayment costs. View as many banks as possible online and compare them with each other in terms of conditions and interest rates.

Why choose Bankate sofa?

Why choose Bankate sofa?

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International active bank.

International active bank.

Banco Bankate, is an international active bank. This bank is part of the IBEX-35 stock index. In recent years, this group has expanded considerably through a number of acquisitions, with branches in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America, among others. This bank’s head office is located in Spain. Afterwards, this bank has taken over several banks in other countries. The experience that this bank has with its worldwide reputation makes it the largest bank in Europe (in terms of market value). It offers financial services (especially loans for consumers). It is a multinational commercial bank and has many subsidiary companies such as Yebu National, which has been renamed under the name of this globally known bank. From 2017, this bank was (except for five) the largest bank in Europe.